Cooling for Data-Processing Centres

Data-processing centre operators must be able to rely totally on the reliability and efficiency of the cooling of their computer rooms - around the clock. The damage that might occur from overheating of the sensitive high-powered processors would be drastic if the cooling were to fail.

Various data centre operators trust Klingenburg rotary heat exchangers. These units are highly efficient, they pay for themselves within a few months and give operators the security they need. The risk of moisture damage to the electronics is also eliminated. Our systems cool the room air without using water.

Here are just a few of the data-processing centres across the world equipped with our large rotors (up to 6000 mm in diameter):

  • Bell, Canada
  • Cegeka, Belgium
  • CSEC, Canada
  • Doly Nastrup, Czech Republic
  • Hewlett Packard, Canada
  • Internet Solution, South Africa
  • KPN, Netherlands
  • Noris, Germany
  • SDN, Russia
  • Spoormarker, South Africa
  • Stack, Russia
  • United Airlines, USA