Warm Air Heaters

Apen LK Condensing Heater

Suspended gas fired condensing and modulating warm air heater with efficiencies up to 108%

LK (Kondensa) suspended warm air heaters are ApenGroup’s well established and proven condensing solution for heating industrial and/or commercial spaces. Fitted with modulating premix burner technology & condensing stainless steel heat exchanger, each model provides both high thermal efficiency and performance levels.

Having a condensing heating system provides these additional benefits:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Reduced running costs
  • Lower environmental impact
Apen LK Condensing Heater
Apen LK Condensing Heater


  • Six models available (19 kW to 100 kW output)
  • Heaters exceed the requirements ERP 2021
  • Thermal effieciency up to 108%
  • Low NOx emissions (class5)
  • Stainless steel (AISI441) combustion and heat exchanger
  • Sealed combustion (but can also be used in Type B format)
  • Proven premix burner technology with continuous microprocessor controlled modulation
  • LED Display shows heater status
  • Rear flue connections as standard (can be changed to top)
  • Can be controlled via SmartEasy & SmartWeb remote control panels

Product video

ERP 2021 Compliant
ERP 2021 Compliant